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Filing Tools

OregonR offers a full selection of high-quality accessories specially designed to help you perform the sharpening and maintenance tasks that will keep your saw chain and guide bar cutting like new, and help you complete your woodcutting tasks faster and more easily.

Saw Chain Round Files

The superior file for sharpening saw chain is the Swiss-made double-cut file from OregonR. Our round files are available in a variety of sizes and packaging configurations to meet the needs of most chainsaw users. High-quality OregonR round files are also packaged into our Assembled File Guides and Sharpening Kits. See the OregonR Chain Filing Chart (.pdf) to select the right size of file (file diameter) for your OregonR chain. Each OregonR Assembled File Guide and Sharpening Kit is identified by the diameter of the file in the package.

Full-size and Mini Grinders

Full-size 5 3/4" Motorized Grinders:

      ·Model 511A Bench Chain Grinder (P/N 511A)

      ·Model 511A-BC Grinder for 3/4"-pitch Chain (P/N 511A-BC)

      ·Bench Grinder with Hydraulic Assist (P/N 109179)

      ·5 3/4"-diameter Vitrified Grinding Wheels (Assorted P/Ns)

4 1/8" Mini Grinders:

      ·115-volt Bench-mount Mini Grinder (P/N 108181)

      ·115-volt Bar-mount Mini Grinder (P/N 109176)

      ·12-volt Bar-mount Mini Grinder (P/N 109178)

      ·4 1/8"-diameter Vitrified Mini Grinding Wheels (Assorted P/Ns)


Vitrified Grinding Wheels

These high-quality vitrified grinding wheels are specifically designed for Oregon chain. Oregon wheels resist burning of the cutters and leave a precision finish.